The skills, experience and dedication of an agency, for less.

We come with the same skills, experience, flexibility and dedication to your project as any agency would. With more resource than a single freelancer, and less overheads than an agency, we fall somewhere in between the two. We don't have 30+ employees to look after with office space to pay for, making for more affordbale web design and SEO. There are no account managers, juniors, or senior SEO executives. We are experts only. We are however, as trustworthy, skilled, and dedicated as any agency you would come across.

Our services are clearly described, and processes are simple and streamlined. We like to ensure we get the job done properly and to a high standard by providing extreme value and a personal touch to all of our clients. Communication is done primarily via email, phone, or Google Meet/Zoom conferencing, but if preferred we can also arrange face to face meetings.

We like to meet everyone involved in a project and/or campaign so we can get a real feel for your business, especially if we're working with you on long-term projects. This helps us get a clear understanding of your values and the future vision for your business.

Ryan Downes: Founder & Owner (and also web designer and developer) of Downes Digital, web design and SEO in Rochdale.

Ryan Downes.


Downes Digital was founded by myself, Ryan Downes in January 2015

From humble beginnings as a student of web development starting in 2008, to graduation from MMU in 2012, becoming a contractor, a freelancer and now a Manchester based web design and SEO business owner; my knowledge and experience of the industry spans 14 years.

As the owner of Downes Digital, I now pride myself in providing full-service web design, development and SEO services to businesses owners looking to scale, increase their traffic and grow their revenue.

The key priorities for me are transparency and trust with my clients. I want to make you feel comfortable and confident when working with me, and this is incorporated into the Downes Digital processes.

Trust and transparency.

I believe that one of the most imperative points when choosing a web designer is to understand their background and where they came from. I didn't learn my craft overnight in 2 years on YouTube.

The process when working with Downes Digital is a collaborative one, and trust is a key factor. Born and raised in Manchester - a city with an emblem that literally denotes hard work ethic 🐝 - I grew up a 'busy bee', believing that working hard is the most important quality you can have. I still strongly believe this and therefore, working hard is the core ethos instilled within Downes Digital.

Don’t let our mugshots - or accents - put you off. We’re friendly guys!

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